Maidenhead Riverside

Maidenhead Riverside is just a short distance from the town centre and is one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Thames.

From Brunel’s famous Sounding Arch to Boulters Lock visitors have lots to see and do with hidden gems such as Ray Mill Island a must for families.

The Riverside Gardens are alongside the famous Maidenhead Bridge. Jenners Cafe with adjacent crazy golf and kids playground can be found further upstream on the way to Boulters Lock and Ray Mill Island.
There is a great choice of places to eat including Thames Riviera Blue River café, The Thames Hotel and Boulters restaurant.

Ada Lewis Monument at Maidenhead Riverside, besides the River Thames
Ada Lewis Monument at Maidenhead Riverside, besides the River Thames
Maidenhead Riverside Gardens
Maidenhead Riverside Gardens
Ada Lewis Memorial

Ada Lewis Memorial

This memorial was originally erected in 1908 in memory of local benefactor Ada Lewis, and was used as a drinking trough. In late 2010 the memorial was relocated to a more central position within Bridge Gardens. The water jets were struggling a little here with the water close to freezing after recent snow.

Maidenhead Riverside
Maidenhead Riverside

Ada Lewis Memorial is in Riverside Gardens, just over Maidenhead Bridge. SL6 8NJ, Maidenhead, Windsor And Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

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  1. Jab Young says:

    Good morning, I live opposite Bridge Gardens and it looks like some maintenance work is going on, looks like gridding has been laid. Please can you tell me what is proposed for this area of the gardens adjacent to BridgeView House? Perhaps this is the reason that the front of the gardens is being allowed to overgrown with ivy?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you


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