Plaques and Memorial Stones

A selection of images of various plaques and memorial stones which are to be found in and around Maidenhead.

Maidenhead Boundary marker stone
Maidenhead Boundary marker stone

There are several of these “MB” Maidenhead Boundary stones to be found, they mark the edges of Maidenhead and many can be spotted during the annual 13 mile Maidenhead Boundary Walk.

Plaque to commemorate JDM Pearce, outside Kidwells Park
Maidenhead Bridge 1947 flood commemorative plaque
On Maidenhead Bridge, a plaque commemorating the floods of 1947

This plaque is on the Maidenhead side of the bridge and commemorates the disastrous floods of 1947 which is quite possibly the worst tragedy Maidenhead has ever experienced. There is a great article on the floods here.

Plaque on the famous Sounding Arch bridge built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Richard Dimbleby – Plaque on the bridge over to Ray Mill Island
Plaque in Oaken Grove celebrating Sir Nicholas Winton
Plaque at Maudsley Memorial Garden

Just outside the RBWM Library on St Ives Road lies Maudsley Memorial Garden, and this plaque commemorates the late Alderman John Barker Maudsley CBE.

In memory of Bill Davies; plaque is ay Guards Club

In commemoration of the four boys from Altwood School who died in 1988 during a skiing trip
Plaque in Oaken Grove celebrating Sir Nicholas Winton
In commemoration of RAF 578 Squadron
Plaque 2 Alt
RBWM plaque at Maidenhead United FC, York Road

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