Maidenhead Golf Course

The Golf course lies just outside the town centre. Maidenhead Golf Club was formed in 1896, and the course was opened for play on December 12, 1896, with the club also hosting a champagne luncheon on the same day to mark the occasion in its fine new clubhouse. The course celebrated 125 years in 2021.

When Covid struck in 2020 and lockdown was in full force, these pictures were taken when the Golf Course was shut and access around all of the course was possible, far more than would normally be permitted.

With recent developments in 2021 and the Golf Course being sold off to RBWM council, these pictures are a long lasting memory of something that will soon be nothing more than a huge housing development…..

Looking down one of the Fairways
Late afternoon sun across the fairways
The late afternoon sun made for some fantastic shadows cast across the course
Bunker at the 7th

The entrance to Maidenhead Golf Course is just off Shoppenhangers Road.

Maidenhead Golf Club, Maidenhead, England SL6 2SL, United Kingdom

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