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  • St Luke’s Church by night
    St Luke’s church is one of five Anglican churches in Maidenhead. Its roots go back as far as the Foundation stone laid in a ceremony performed by Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford on 4 November 1865. The spire was put up in 1894..
  • Plaques and Memorial Stones
    A selection of images of various plaques and memorial stones which are to be found in and around Maidenhead.
  • Instagram
    Hey there ! Welcome to Maidenhead in Pictures and thanks for visiting ! The latest images from our Instagram feed are shown in the feed below, we hope you enjoy browsing through…
  • Poppies on North Town Moor
    This fantastic show of poppies on North Town Moor was captured during the summer of 2020. The poppies had really taken over the fields and almost covered the entire field as far…
  • Bisham Woods Ice House
    This Ice House was built around 1760 – 1790 for storing ice for use at the nearby Bisham Abbey, which is about a 5 minute walk away. The ice house is in…
  • The Brick and Tile Works
    A selection of photographs from inside the National Trust site, The Brick and Tile Works. The are no actual building remains anymore, although there are remains of some of the old Coopers…
  • Maidenhead United Football Club
    Maidenhead United Football Club on York Road, located in the centre of the town. It is believed to be the oldest senior football ground in the country used continuously by the same…
  • Landmarks Gallery
  • All Saints Cemetery
    Maidenhead Cemetery, or All Saints Cemetery as its known is was opened in 1888 and covers an area of approximately 5 acres. The cemetery was originally owned by The Maidenhead Cemetery Company…
  • Robin Hoods Arbour
    The woods at Maidenhead Thicket house a small treasure – Robin Hoods Arbour which is owned by the National Trust.  At the right time of year, the underlying soil conditions are perfect…
  • Underpass Abstract Art, Frascati Way
    More Abstract Art to brighten up the underpass which goes underneath Frascati Way, which links both ends of High Town Road. The abstract art is by Gary Drostle and was commissioned in…
  • White Waltham Airfield
    White Waltham Airfield is situated a couple of miles outside of Maidenhead. Some great background history and more information on the Airfield can be found here.
River Thames

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Pinkneys Green

Oaken Grove

Boulters Weir

Boulters Weir

Maidenhead United FC

Maidenhead United Football Club

Brunels Bridge

Brunels Bridge

Vintage Boys on Ray Mill Island

Vintage Boys on Ray Mill Island

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