Pond at Oaken Grove in Maidenhead

Explore our Photo Blog all about Maidenhead in Berkshire with images around the town, attractions, landmarks and also a map of where to find everything!

Landmarks and attractions such as Maidenhead Bridge, the Jubilee Clock Tower, Boulters Lock, National Trust sites at Pinkneys Green and Robin Hoods Arbour, to the famous Maidenhead United Football Club, Maidenhead Golf Course and the Nicholas Winton Memorial Garden at Oaken Grove Park.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our photos from in and around the Royal Borough of Maidenhead in Berkshire.

Below are some of our latest blog posts and favourite images we have captured from around the Borough.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Braywick Cemetery

Braywick Cemetery was opened in July 1953, the entire cemetery was set out as a ‘Lawn Cemetery’ with specific sections for different religious faiths.

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Plaques and Memorial Stones

A selection of images of the various plaques and memorial stones to famous people and places, all of which are to be found in and around Maidenhead.

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Bisham Woods Ice House

This Ice House was built around 1760 – 1790 for storing ice for use at the nearby Bisham Abbey. It was restored in 1984.

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River Thames near Brunels Bridge

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Maidenhead Bridge during the floods

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