Plaques and Memorial Stones

A selection of images of various plaques and memorial stones which are to be found in and around Maidenhead.

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts is a popular Arts venue, and is located on Altwood Road in Maidenhead. Norden Farm Centre Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Rd., Maidenhead, England SL6 4RB, United Kingdom

Poppies on North Town Moor

This fantastic show of poppies on North Town Moor was captured during the summer of 2020. The poppies had really taken over the fields and almost covered the entire field as far as you could see, creating an absolutely fantastic carpet of blazing red colour ! Hopefully they will all be back again next year…

Bisham Woods Ice House

This Ice House was built around 1760 – 1790 for storing ice for use at the nearby Bisham Abbey, which is about a 5 minute walk away. The ice house is in a perfect location, sheltered by the woods and facing into a north wind which would have helped keep the ice as cold as…

Underpass Abstract Art, Frascati Way

More Abstract Art to brighten up the underpass which goes underneath Frascati Way, which links both ends of High Town Road. The abstract art is by Gary Drostle and was commissioned in 2003, most probably after successfully brightening up the walls in Bad Godesbery Way underpass in 2000, another fantastic mosaic creation by the same…

Maudsley Memorial Garden

The memorial garden was originally provided in 1975 as a memorial to the late Alderman John Baker Maudsley CBE. The stone was imported from Yorkshire to recognise the Alderman’s origins.

Underpass Abstract Art, Bad Godesberg Way

Street art in the underpass underneath Bad Godesberg Way, linking the Town Centre with Kidwells Park.The abstract art is by Gary Drostle and was commissioned in 2000 and certainly brightens up what would otherwise be a very dreary underpass! Gary Drostle also commissioned the exterior walls of Frascati Way underpass in 2003. You can read…