The Brick and Tile Works

A selection of photographs from inside the National Trust site, The Brick and Tile Works. The are no actual building remains anymore, although there are remains of some of the old Coopers bricks strewn around the site if you look closely enough. Coopers Brick & Tile Works was established here by John Cooper in the…

Robin Hoods Arbour

The woods at Maidenhead Thicket house a small treasure – Robin Hoods Arbour which is owned by the National Trust.  At the right time of year, the underlying soil conditions are perfect for some amazing groups of Orchids to grow in abundance. During winter when the grass is short the ditches where Robin and his…

Braywick Nature Centre

Braywick Nature Park is to be found past Braywick Cemetery on Braywick Road which heads out of Maidenhead and towards Windsor. The Nature Centre is a left turning onto Hibbert Road, and there is a free small car park opposite the Nature Centre from which you can walk around the area.

Maidenhead Thicket Woods

The woods at Maidenhead Thicket are tucked in between the A404 to one side, The A4 to another and Stubbings Nursery. There are several lovely paths to walk along, with the National trust Robin Hoods Arbour to be found aside one of the paths. If you look closely you can see a small trench around the edges…

Maidenhead Thicket

d Thicket is location close to Stubbings and the A404/A4 and covers a huge area from Pinkneys Green all the way to the edge of Maidenhead and Cox Green. It is all owned by the National Trust and all open to the public all year around. Great for a long walk outdoors or with the family and pets.