The Brick and Tile Works

A selection of photographs from inside the National Trust site, The Brick & Tile Works. The are no actual building remains anymore, although there are remains of some of the old Coopers bricks strewn around the site if you look closely enough. Coopers Brick & Tile Works was established here by John Cooper in the early 1800s.

The National Trust has their own page dedicated to the site as well.

Entrance to the Brick and Tile Works on Malders Lane
Entrance to the Brick and Tile Works on Malders Lane
River Thames near Brunels Bridge

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The National Trust Brick and Tile Works are accessed from Malders Lane. There is no car park, and very limited parking is available.

The Old Brick and Tile Works, Malders Ln, Maidenhead, England SL6 6NL, United Kingdom

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