Underpass Abstract Art, Frascati Way

The abstract art is by Gary Drostle and was commissioned in 2003, most probably after successfully brightening up the walls in Bad Godesbery Way in 2000.

United Reformed Church

Maidenhead United Reformed Church has origins back into 1662, when the Rector of Henley left his living as a result of the Act of Uniformity

The Boy and Boat

The Boy and Boat sculpture by Lydia Karpinska, standing at the junction of the High Street and King Street. The Boy and Boat stands at the top of the High Street, just outside the Methodist Chuuch.

York Stream

York Stream runs right through the centre of Maidenhead and under the end of the High Street at Chapel Arches.

World War One and Two Memorial

Commemorating those who were killed during the First and Second World Wars, this memorial is located outside the Town Hall in the centre of Maidenhead.    

Maudsley Memorial Garden

The memorial garden was originally provided in 1975 as a memorial to the late Alderman John Baker Maudsley CBE.


The new Amphitheatre area next to Maudsley Memorial Garden and created as part of the York Stream renovation project.

Kidwells Park

Kidwells Park covers 3 hectares and is located just outside Maidenhead town centre.