Maidenhead Golf Course

The Golf course lies just outside the town centre. Maidenhead Golf Club was formed in 1896, and the course was opened for play on December 12, 1896, with the club also hosting a champagne luncheon on the same day to mark the occasion in its fine new clubhouse. The course celebrated 125 years in 2021. When…

The Brick and Tile Works

A selection of photographs from inside the National Trust site, The Brick and Tile Works. The are no actual building remains anymore, although there are remains of some of the old Coopers bricks strewn around the site if you look closely enough. Coopers Brick & Tile Works was established here by John Cooper in the…

All Saints Cemetery

Maidenhead Cemetery, or All Saints Cemetery as its known is was opened in 1888 and covers an area of approximately 5 acres. The cemetery was originally owned by The Maidenhead Cemetery Company and came into RBWM Council ownership during the 1950s. There are over 10,000 grave spaces in the cemetery and there have been 14,600…

Little Thicket

Baby to the large Maidenhead Thicket, Little Thicket is located on Canon Court Road close to Clair’s Court School. Lots of snaking footpaths in woodland, situated close to the A4.

Grenfell Park

Taken from the stairs via the South Road entrance, looking directly into the Park. Grenfell Park lies in the heart of Maidenhead, not 5 minutes walk from the main train station, but provides a moment of green space in amongst a built up town. 

Maudsley Memorial Garden

The memorial garden was originally provided in 1975 as a memorial to the late Alderman John Baker Maudsley CBE. The stone was imported from Yorkshire to recognise the Alderman’s origins.

Desborough Park

On the outskirts of Maidenhead, near Cox Green lies Desborough Park, quite tucked away between all the houses. Within Desborough Park features the sculpture ‘Flora’s Garden’ which is sculptured from Portland Stone. It was created by Philip Bews and Diane Gorvin, in association with some of the local schools of Altwood and Larchfield, as well…