All Saints Cemetery and Commonwealth Graves

Maidenhead Cemetery, or All Saints Cemetery as its known is was opened in 1888 and covers an area of approximately 5 acres. The cemetery was originally owned by The Maidenhead Cemetery Company and came into RBWM Council ownership during the 1950s.

There are over 10,000 grave spaces in the cemetery and there have been 14,600 interments to date, and there are 14 Commonwealth war casualties from World War I and 47 from World War II 1939-1945 commemorated at this site.

The special Commonwealth War Graves Commission plot at All Saints Cemetery has A.T.A. burials as the headquarters for the Air Transport Auxiliary was at nearby White Waltham Airfield. The burials are scattered throughout the cemetery, some of which are marked by private memorials other than the Commission design.

All Saints Cemetery and War Graves
All Saints Cemetery and War Graves entrance

All Saints Cemetery and War Graves is located close to Oaken Grove Park and next to the Tennis Club. All Saints Ave, Maidenhead, England SL6 6LU, United Kingdom

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