Maidenhead Boundary Walk

The Boundary walk is a yearly 13-mile walk around the borders of Maidenhead and organised by Maidenhead Rotary Club.

Braywick Cemetery

Braywick Cemetery was opened in July 1953, the entire cemetery was set out as a ‘Lawn Cemetery’ with specific sections for different religious faiths.

Maidenhead Golf Course

Maidenhead Golf course lies just outside the town centre, and the course was opened for play on December 12, 1896.

St Luke’s Church by night

St Luke’s church is one of five Anglican churches in Maidenhead, whose roots go back as far as 1865. The spire was put up in 1894.

Plaques and Memorial Stones

A selection of images of the various plaques and memorial stones to famous people and places, all of which are to be found in and around Maidenhead.

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Bisham Woods Ice House

This Ice House was built around 1760 – 1790 for storing ice for use at the nearby Bisham Abbey. It was restored in 1984.