Robin Hoods Arbour

The ditches where Robin and his band of merry men must have lain in wait for passer-by, are clearly visible around the edge of the grassland.

Underpass Abstract Art, Frascati Way

The abstract art is by Gary Drostle and was commissioned in 2003, most probably after successfully brightening up the walls in Bad Godesbery Way in 2000.

White Waltham Airfield

White Waltham Airfield is situated a couple of miles outside of Maidenhead close to Cox Green. Perfect for small planes

Little Thicket

Baby to the large Maidenhead Thicket, Little Thicket is located on Canon Court Road close to Clair’s Court School. Lots of snaking footpaths in woodland, situated close to the A4.

RAF Memorial, Carpenters Wood

Memorial to 578 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Memorial is located deep inside Carpenters Woods, part of Bisham Woods.

Grenfell Park

Grenfell Park was donated to the town in 1897 by Lord Desborough (William Grenfell) to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Braywick Nature Centre

The nature centre houses displays and exhibitions on wildlife, sustainability and local history.

Maidenhead Thicket Woods

The woods at Maidenhead Thicket are close to Stubbings Nursery. National Trust Robin Hoods Arbour to be found aside one of the paths. I