Grenfell Park

Awarded to Grenfell Park in July 2012 for the first year in recognition of achieving the national standard for parks and green spaces in England & Wales.

Grenfell Park was donated to the town in 1897 by Lord Desborough (William Grenfell) to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The park has a large number of unusual trees; these seeds were provided by Lord Desborough after travelling the world. The Park forms a natural amphitheatre with steep wooded banks and large flat grassed area to the rear of the park.

Steps leading into Grenfell Park
Steps leading into Grenfell Park

Grenfell Park lies in the heart of Maidenhead, not 5 minutes walk from the main train station, but provides a moment of green space in amongst a built up town. 

Welcome to Grenfell Park
Welcome to Grenfell Park

Located on Grenfell Road, close to the Town Centre and Train Station at Maidenhead

Grenfell Park can be accessed by pedestrians from its northern end at South Road, there are multiple paths and both steps and walkways.

Grenfell Park, Grenfell Rd., Maidenhead, England SL6 1FG, United Kingdom

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