Maidenhead Thicket

Maidenhead Thicket is location close to Stubbings and the A404/A4 and covers a huge area from Pinkneys Green all the way to the edge of Maidenhead and Cox Green. It is all owned by the National Trust and all open to the public all year around. Great for a long walk outdoors or with the family and pets. The area extends into Little Thicket on the other side of the A4, and you can also find Robin Hoods Arbour in the woods.

Maidenhead Thicket
Sunny afternoon at Maidenhead Thicket
Maidenhead Thicket sign
Maidenhead Thicket National Trust information sign

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Maidenhead Thicket is a fantastic, huge open space maintained by the National Trust.

There is a small car park right on Henley Road where you can then park and access the parkland across the road. You can also take the small bridge over the A404 to access more parkland. The map above provides the best details.

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