St Joseph’s Church

St Joseph’s Parish Church, is on the Cookham Road just north of Maidenhead town centre.

The opening ceremony and dedication of the church to St Joseph was performed by the Bishop of Portsmouth, the Right Rev Dr Virtue, on 18th December 1884.

Around 1914 the congregation had outgrown the modified church and it required extending. The result was a church with a longer nave, two transepts and a raised sanctuary. Altars dedicated to Our Lady and the Sacred Heart were placed in the transepts with stained glass windows above, and on the windows of the Sanctuary and nave.

The font, Stations of the Cross, bell and pews all date from this time. Externally the most dramatic change was the addition of the tower and spire. Bishop William Cotter officially ‘re-opened’ the church on 26th May 1914.

St Joseph's Church
St Joseph’s Church

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